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Friday, 20 November 2009

The big question...

Ok, where was I….

Oh yeah, trying to be less boring, oook….I can try, but I’m promising nothing, just so you’re aware.

I got new brushes!! They’re sooo overdue, and I felt like treating my self! So a full set of 35 new brushes, assorted sizes and bristle fibres (sable, artificial, squirrel and goat) landed on my desk at work today…which is very distracting! Prepare for the “testing” because now none of my friends/passers by/ anyone who standstill in my line of sight are safe….the brushes must be USED!!!!!

So , I’m booked in for looong overdue hair cut on Saturday, and I was thinking it might be nice to play with my hair colour again. I recently went from blonde (on the left)….

To Brunette (I don't have any decent pictures, I may have to trawl the other half's camera)……And now that the brunette has faded…..I’m thinking maybe I go for an auburn brown….like so…( I quite like the cut too....)

What do you think? Does your hair change with the seasons too? My hair is going back to its shorter look, because the length is doing nothing for me right now, it just falls flat and flops over my eyes! If you have suggestions on short styles you've seen that you think I may like, please post a comment with a link!

So let me know what you think, I need suggestions…and in some cases interventions!

Bye for now!

Lo xx


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