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Monday, 2 November 2009

Is this thing on?

Oh wait..no...yes...there we go...

So here it is, the first post..ahoooooh..shiny

Ok wonderment over.

I needed an outlet for my little hobby/obsession, and a friend suggested a "blog it". You see, I experiment with and follow all aspects of makeup, from the fashion trends in upcoming seasons to theatrical and FX makeup techniques, all of which I hope to discuss, try out and review with you good (but currently imaginary) people. After an hour of explaining just how not in tune with the online world I am, I came to understand that this would allow me to share my makeup based exploits, fanatical rantings and sparodic shopping spree buys, as well as opinions and reviews, with the world...excellent.

The only thing that remains for me to do now is update this ugly black box they gave me to write it in...this may take some tme.

Really you should expect more from me, as it happens I have a back ground in design (Publishing, not faces...sad but true), so I am now wedged in an awquard position. half my brain is revelling in the fact I can communicate with new poeple, who are interested in the subject (and really, if youre still reading this, then you must be...)and the other half is mopre than a touch disgruntled that it has to do so in a world of design based pain. For alas, I am weak of HTML.....

So heres my pledge, I will learn to master this blogging malarky, and in turn you will read, because eventually i'll have to say some thing interesting, and in all honesty things can only get better….

So for an opening post, some thing a bit different…as halloween has been and gone there must be some excellent makeup related tales of triumph..or woe…whatever…I’ll be unvieling my halloween efforts, in return for your comments and discussion. So get your FX hats on and come at me with impromptu product reviews, tips and tricks!

Bye for now,

p.s. fairly sure im talking to my self, which makes bidding you farewell a bit null...oh...there i go again...just stop talking...ok.

yay me...I made a post...round of applause please


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