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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Out on the lash again...this time with freebies!

Hey hey,

Back again with the next instalment of mascara reviews, you lucky people you! Today’s review will focus on the two Maybelline mascaras and MAC pro lash.

Before I get on with the reviewing, I want to give you a quick heads up - both Max Factor and Olay are offering free samples of their newest foundations, Max Factor Second Skin (MaxFactor.co.uk/Second-Skin) and Oil of Olay Touch of Foundation ( you'll need to register at supersavvyme.co.uk but its woth it for the freebies, every thing from makeup to washing powder). Worth a look at for all you ladies (and beauty orientated men) as it’s a good chance to try before you buy....and free stuff rocks! We have already ordered ours, and will be reviewing for both, it would be splendiferous if you could pass your opinions on too!

Ok, on to the matter in hand!


Maybelline XXL Volume and Length


Company line - The Intense XXL Volume + Length formula contains a double dose of micro-fibres for lashes that look over the top gorgeous in just 2 easy steps.- Step 1 XX-TREME LENGTH: White micro-fibre basecoat visibly lengthens lash-look by up to 60%.- Step 2 XX-TREME VOLUME AND LASH COLOUR: Volumising topcoat builds up to 11X thicker looking lashes with jet-black impact.One mascara, two effects for double the drama! - No clumps, no smudge.- Ophthalmologist tested, safe for contact lens users.- Washable; also available in waterproof formula.

Review –
Ok, so big promises from this mascara. The two coat tech was a new one for me when I bought it, and it was largely out of curiosity that it ended up in my collection. I have to say, before I go on, that this method is vastly expanded on of late, with most of the big hitters having their own version out there. Which I suppose speaks more of its potential than its novelty.
Personally I found the base coat to easy to apply, the brush was thick and chunky, with well spaced bristles carrying a an appropriate of amount of the thick white coat. A small amount of patience is required....not a rusher I’m afraid...before you attempt the top coat, as I found applying to quickly caused XXL clumping...not pretty, not clever. However, given a moment to dry, the black coat was indeed very black and thick. To my surprise (I’ll admit to a certain amount of scepticism before testing) it covered the white base coat well. It does indeed make your lashes thicker and longer, for that reason not suitable for those with already long and thick lashes (you lucky ladies). In fact the effect is quite dramatic, and it didn’t seem to flake or smudge. However, it does clump and you have to spend ages ensuring you get your mascara right down to the root (or you get the white eyeliner/floating lash effect). And for the final touch ....its RRP's at around £5!

Pros- very dark pigment, long thick lashes, doesn’t smudge, relatively cheap

Cons - clumpy, slightly too exaggerated for day-time wear, time consuming

Score - 7/10


Maybelline: Great Lash (extra black)

Company line - Lash-doubling formula glides on smooth to build great-looking lashes, Lash building brush makes it easy to get a full lash look without clumps or globs, Contact lens safe and hypoallergenic, Washable; also available in waterproof formula and with curved brush.

Review –
Ah yes, the famed Great Lash. It’s graced every beauty editors best buy/must have list since it hit the market in the 70’s. In the last two years it’s won no less than four independent beauty awards for best mascara. So really it’s a celebrity!
But, putting aside the hype, I tested this way back in the days when my teachers were still asking me to take it off again. Really I ought to re-test, but seeing as the formula hasn’t changes in 40 years, I’m sure it’s a fairly safe bet that I’m still on track (I told you I never throw things away!). It does have its flaws - the brush is badly designed, actually drawing lashes together rather than separating them, so that very adept formula just glues them together. However, its dark, makes you eyelashes look fuller on longer, and wont flake or smudge. Take note, it’s very seriously NOT water proof, forget weepy movies, weddings and rain storms, and think light perspiration. This will run at the drop of a hat, making run based smudging likely. However at £5, you get what you pay for, and to be honest it’s not a bad budget buy. It’s just not great...which is ironic.

The big downfall of this product is that it is seriously outdated, the modern woman expects more from her product today, and Great Lash fails to meet exacting modern standards.

Pros – dark fuller looking lashes, cheap, lengthened appearance

Cons – runs very easily, brush isn’t great, outdated

Score – 5/10


MAC: Pro Lash

Company line - Lengthening, thickening, non-flaking, non-smudging... totally hard-wearing. Sassy and lush. Works on the catwalk, soups up the sidewalk. Tested and approved by Artists. Industrially packed; commodity-priced. Gives you attitude. A real hardworking mascara that is lush and luxe in its finish. Good to layer. Apply one coat of Pro Lash for enhanced, defined lashes. For more drama, build up the layers.

Review –
There aren’t that many makeup fiends out there who don’t worship at the altar of MAC nowadays. Its high quality, high profile products are used by professionals and Average Joes (with a decent budget) alike, but it appears to have a very strong elitist image that only grows with each season.

This was a treat to myself a little while back, like a kid in a toy store, I skipped into the MAC boutique resident within the Oxford branch of Debenhams, kept in splendid isolation lest the warm, overly makeup’ed staff manning the usual department store fodder break its cool crisp business like image. Because, let’s face it, unless you have the budget to use their products regularly, you defiantly get the “you don’t belong here” look on entering this kind of booth. I just about made it back to my humble abode before breaking out the cleanser to have a go with the new toys, and I wasn’t disappointed...at first.

It does indeed give you beautiful long thick lashes, and if you curl your lashes, and apply it to just the tips to fix the curl, then layer from root to tip you’ll get hurricane inducing lashes! Unfortunately it has a tendency to smudge, and the already dry formulae is quick to dry out, not that you’ll notice, as each tube only has a months’ worth of product at most. Disappointing MAC...you giveth... then you taketh away.....and at rrp £15 we wanteth it back!

Pros – beautiful colour, excellent volume, good brush, good curl

Cons – smudgy, very expensive, dry formulae, small amount of product, short life

Score – 7/10


There you go then people, another three for your delectation.

I should go to bed now, my fiancee just got a new job and is pogo-ing around the house like a woman possesed. I'm so incredibly proud of her, but if she doesn't sleep now, she'll be a nightmare tomorrow.... :P

Bye for now!

Lo x


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